Easy Steps To Brighten Any Room in the House

Interior design can have many interesting unique ways to change the feel of any room around the home. Selecting the right paints, light fixtures, window treatments as well as flooring can all contribute towards the overall look and style of a space. For most people, the aim is to get the most light to living spaces which are used regularly. When this is a priority, interior designers generally will begin with window treatments such as roman blinds, and they will be a colour scheme suitable to match the room décor. Roman blinds are a perfect item to start with for anyone aiming to brighten up a room as they are really easy to use as they can be opened and closed with ease.


There are a lot of important elements to keep in mind when attempting to bring light to a dark room. One of the first steps (once you have hung suitable treatments and cleared the windows) would be to enhance or add to the light fixtures you have. Roman blinds and other window treatments are ideal at bringing in natural light, but there could still be certain areas that would benefit from additional lighting. High-efficiency light fixtures may allow homeowners to leave lights on for extended periods of time, perhaps even on a timer to make sure they are only used when needed. Lighting for general tasks can be added to fixtures to help increase visibility in areas where inhabitants find themselves reading, working or otherwise in need of some additional light.

The natural light coming in from windows with translucent treatments attached such as roman blinds can be enhanced by using skylights or even solar tubes. Making the most of the amount of light that a room has presents a better atmosphere compared to using light fixtures and task lighting. Skylights can be installed in a variety of shapes and sizes, solar tubes can be installed even in the small areas of a room. Solar tubes can enable ventilation by opening and closing the window fixtures. The combination of ventilation and natural light can increase energy efficiency options for anyone looking to brighten up a space. Strategically placed mirrors where light can reflect on them can help to increase the amount of light coming from the sky lights and solar tubes.

Interior designers regularly use light shades of paint to brighten up a space. Darker paints on the other hand can detract any light in the room, which minimises the effectiveness of natural light and light fixtures. Bright colours will always reflect more light, and brighter colours generally have a greater impact on a room’s atmosphere regardless of how light they are. Bright colours can have a massive effect on the overall feel of a room, bringing a boldness that can help towards more energy to a darker room.

Michael Turner is an interior design, technology, and printing enthusiast and a UK blogger who is currently doing research on behalf of a Roman blinds company.