Bunking Benefits!

This time of year is a fantastic time to consider your bunk options. The little ones have their favourite time of year just around the corner. For children sharing there is nothing more exciting that a new bunk bed and fortunately in today’s market there are some fantastic choices to please all parties.

Personally I would lean towards the more classic wooden bunk beds. There are a variety of options that keep the fun factor whilst remaining in keeping with your desired look. The great thing about bunk beds, other than the obvious space saving factor is how easily they can blend into a child’s room – not to mention doubling as a fantastic Christmas present!

Whether oak or pine, or treated in a custom fashion wooden bunk beds come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of design options. American oak bunks are increasingly popular as are the more stripped back white look. Mattress consideration can also be key when bunk investing and if the additional bunk is for little Johnny’s friend, it’s often advisable to spend accordingly.

Building a happy, fun bedroom environment is a really great idea and something that doesn’t require spending a small fortune all in one go. Additional furniture – matching furniture, is readily available and by selecting a natural colour makes it so simple to find fantastic little additions. There are even wooden bunks with customisation options that can put your little bundle of joys names upon the headboard. There are always new innovative ways to add such a great piece of furniture. Even if you have enough space, bunking up is a great way for brother and sister to share and really enjoy their childhood together.

Storage is also a key benefit with bunk beds. A lot of options come with handy underneath drawers which can negate the need for a chest if space is really limited. If not it can be a handy area for toys or for guests. Shelving is also becoming increasingly popular and can really set the bottom bunk apart with a handy night light.