Cherry Wood Flooring

Cherry wood has been widely used in making furniture and flooring for centuries. This is mainly because it's a very solid wood, it's highly resistant to damage and it can be polished to achieve an amazing hue. The color of the cherry wood will actually deepen as it ages, giving it a more wonderful look over time.

Cherry makes durable hardwood flooring that will easily last for years with easy maintenance. A simple weekly mopping routine with a damp mop is pretty much all you have to do to maintain the floor's beauty.

Note that not all cherry woods are alike, some are harder and more durable than the others and they may have slightly different reddish hues. Also, be careful of exposing your cherry wood flooring to excessive sunlight or its color might got bleached out. So if it's a very light room, it's recommended that you use window coverings like sheers, curtains or window film.

Cherry wood is not suitable to be used in areas with high humidity or moisture such as the kitchen and baths because it tends to warp easily. If you would like to get a cherry flooring that is easier to maintain, you can try looking into engineered or laminate cherry flooring. Although these are not real hardwood flooring, they mimic it perfectly and engineered flooring is even more durable than the actual hardwood floor.

Scratches are pretty visible in cherry woods so to protect its overall beauty and shine, consider using a floor covering or rug. Visit online flooring suppliers to view the prices of cherry flooring and other various kinds of wood flooring.