Choosing Blinds For A Period Home

The right blinds can make a significant difference to a period home, whether used to extend an elegant theme, or to add a modern touch to existing designs. Recommended blinds for period homes include Roman pleated blinds, Venetian wood blinds, and roller blinds used with specific designs to add layers to particular rooms. As with all types of blinds, it is worth spending time on measuring window frames, and on deciding what kind of blinds will be practical for different spaces.

1 - Basic Considerations

Most period homes opt for Roman blinds, which offer a classical look through pleated edges and high quality fabrics. These kinds of blinds are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, and can also be decorated to fit into an existing decor. Woven wood blinds are particularly popular at the moment.

By comparison, wooden Venetian blinds are recommended for both larger bay windows, and for conservatories and orangeries. In terms of the latter spaces, Venetian blinds are similar in style to plantation shutters, and can be fitted to the roof to create a private atmosphere during the evening.

If deciding on a basic roller blind or a vertical UPVC blind, think about whether they will add to the decor of a room, or if they will stand out. A roller blind can make a good addition to a mid century modernist design style, while vertical UPVC blinds represent useful ways to add a more contemporary touch to kitchens and bathrooms.

2 - Window Restorations

Blinds are useful for restoring older windows and curtains. Different kinds of blinds can help to add colour to older curtains, and also have the practical strengths of being able to better filter light and protect against its effects. Blackout blinds for bedrooms are a recommended addition if you want to cut down on the amount of light passing through a large window, or if you feel that a skylight is too bright during the morning.

3 - Complementing Themes

Vintage styled blinds are an excellent way to enhance particular styles and themes. A house designed around Arts and Crafts antiques and wood details can benefit from painted or decalled roller blinds, while Venetian blinds can be used to create a comfortable finish to country homes. Mini blinds also work well as part of broader design schemes by having the ability to blend into wallpaper and furnishing designs.

4 - Investing in the Right Materials

The best blinds for period homes will be ones that rely on high quality materials to provide lasting value. Many manufacturers offer mixed fabrics that will stand up to wear and tear, while woodweave and other materials are ideal for larger windows and Venetian blinds. It is important to remember though that blinds in kitchens and bathrooms have to be able to stand up to significant amounts of moisture. Blinds made from natural wood are not recommended in this case, as are expensive fabrics that are difficult to clean. Better options include treated wood and types of UPVC, as well as high quality, eco friendly materials like bamboo or honeycomb.