Choosing a Secure and Safe Garden Shed

Security is important to all of us; but have you thought about how secure your garden shed is. Choosing a secure garden shed or Steel Building may seem simple but there are certain advantages and disadvantages to certain types of sheds. This article will go through the different types of sheds available.

Keeping your garden shed secure is very important. Valuable items are often stores in garden sheds making them targets for criminals. Criminals also target garden sheds because they contain garden tools like hammers or electrical tools. These tools can be easily stolen and used to break into your home or other houses.

The most popular type of garden shed in the UK is wooden garden sheds. Wooden garden sheds are very popular because of their traditional look. Wooden sheds can be secure but choosing the right shed is important. Wooden sheds can be clad with two different types of timbers; overlap cladding or tongue and groove timbers.

Overlap cladding is the inexpensive option but is not the best for security as it is easy to break and is not very strong. Tongue and groove cladding is much stronger than overlap cladding. Tongue and groove timbers interlock to create a strong wall panel which is difficult to break.

Tongue and groove panels can also support better locks making them more secure. Te most secure type of wooden shed is a windowless wooden shed. A windowless garden building is more secure because the interior of your shed is not on show. Keeping valuable items out of sight is the start to keeping items safe.

If you're garden shed does have windows you can cover them with blinds or curtains; this will help hide items. Windowless sheds also have other advantages they don't just keep items out of sight they also make the shed stronger. A solid wall panel without windows is much stronger than a panel without windows.

Metal sheds are not as popular as wooden sheds, many people worry about the look of metal sheds and there tendencies to rust. Modern metal sheds are very high tech and are now becoming more popular. Metal sheds also are now designed to look more like traditional garden sheds; they often now feature apex roofs and traditional designs.

Metal sheds are very strong; the wall panels of a metal shed are completely solid and are made from strong, galvanised aluminium. The galvanised aluminium has been specially treated so it has a stronger resistance to water damage or rust.

Metal sheds also feature no windows. Having no windows makes metal sheds more secure as your belongings are kept out of sight. Metal sheds also are easy to secure and because they are so strong they can support the weight of heavier locks or padlocks.

Having a secure garden shed will help you store items safely and securely. Worrying about your garden shed while you're away can cause extra stress so why not rely on a strong, trustworthy garden shed.