Creating a Chic Kitchen Area

In style terms the streamlined, minimalist kitchen is giving way to a shabby chic alternative. If you are wondering what you can do to give the heart of your home a makeover, remember that the great thing about the new chic trend is that it is easy to create the look by making a few simple adaptations and additions. Here are a few ideas to help you convert your kitchen from looking ‘so last year’ to being ‘on trend.’


Let’s start with color and patterns, which can sometimes interweave in an artful way. For example, bohemian chic kitchen designs tend to be unusual, with the aim being to create extremely colorful, informal and unconventional spaces. Start by choosing bright colors for the walls and adding quirky items of furniture and artifacts. Popular colors include lime green, purple and bright yellow. For example, if you have space for an old dresser, paint it in a bright color and use it to display a collection of odd, brightly patterned plates, which you can often find in secondhand shops. You may like to select vintage or shabby chic pieces – anything that will create a colorful backdrop.


Natural influences can come from rustic natural wood, shells and stonework. Small pieces of driftwood look intriguing when arranged on a sunny windowsill and displaying a collection of pretty pebbles in a wooden bowl can look creative and nurture a chic ambience. Distressed vintage items remain popular, so if you don’t want to paint that old, salvaged table, why not treat it to a whitewash instead. Add some plants with strong architectural features or set out your herbs in an unusual planter and you’ll be bringing the garden indoors in a stylish way.

Ethnic influences

Additions that demonstrate ethnic influences are becoming increasingly popular in stylish kitchens and can be mixed and matched to stunning effect. Patterned tiles can be arranged in hexagonal, rather than rectangular, shapes to create a geometric effect, while exotic Moroccan rugs can be combined successfully with rustic and vintage items. Open shelves as opposed to closed kitchen cabinets are right back in fashion, providing you with another opportunity to display your favorite pieces.

A touch of class

In addition to the décor you choose, your accessories will add to the overall effect. An elegant vase, a single orchid (more color) and sophisticated champagne flutes will enhance the chic interior and add the seal of quality. Why not position old candelabra on the kitchen table or fix an old pendant fixture above it, adorned with candles instead of light bulbs?

Your light and airy kitchen

Many designers are removing wall cupboards altogether in order to create a light and airy space. Instead, a high level above-window shelf is becoming an increasingly popular way to provide more storage for collectibles, which have a striking impact because they are positioned just under the ceiling.

The beauty about these chic design ideas is that you can absolutely make them your own – by deciding which colors you can live with, which quirky items are precious to you and which classic touches you prefer. Personalizing your kitchen has never been so easy or so fashionable.