Door Fixtures

Door fixtures or door hardware are add-on items that are usually installed onto our doors in order to improve their appearance and to enhance their functionality. Door handles, hinges and locks, which are also commonly known as door furniture, are some of the common attachments available in the market.

The quality of the door furniture is the utmost important factor that we should bear in mind when buying them. There is no reason why we should buy a low quality and unreliable furniture such as a door handle that might accidentally come off while opening the door.

Here are some of the main points to look into when buying these door fixtures:

Door Handles
They should be strong enough to support and transmit the force applied when opening or closing the door. Door handles that can withstand a lot of pressure can definitely last longer.

Door Hinges
Steel made hinges are probably the best choice as they are able to hold on to heavy doors off the floor and can sustain a greater amount of usage. As for low quality hinges, they may easily fall out of place or corrode which will cause a jerky motion and difficulty when using the door.

Door Locks
Better door locks will have thicker and longer throw bars. To improve its security, use longer screws to install them. This way, it is harder for potential burglar to kick in through your door.

Many homeowners may think that they can install this door furniture all by their own and obviously, this is a part of the money saving plan. However, this might be the most risky and unsafe option you could choose. Contractors and locksmiths are here for a reason and you would not want to ruin all your purchase either. You have to opt for a locksmith service particularly in setting up your new door lock. Remember quality, it will automatically produce a positive outcome in functionality as well as the appearance.