Types of Fireplaces

Fireplaces are one of the most iconic pieces of furniture in all typical western-style homes. Many people today install and use fireplaces not only as an additional heating system, but also as a sophisticated and elegant piece of decorative element to a room.

Fireplaces, or stoves as some call them, can be divided into three different categories based on the type of fuel they use: wood, gas or electric. A fireplace can be designed, built and decorated in all sorts of styles and colors, be it classic or modern.

Wood burning stoves are the most traditional kind of fireplaces which require the use of natural firewood as the fuel. These traditional fireplaces, however, are not widely used anymore, especially in modern homes due to a number of reasons. A chimney venting system that connects to the roof must be built in order for it to operate, it is hard to maintain because it requires constant refilling of fuel and disposing of ashes, and it produces a lot of smoke, not very environmentally friendly.

Gas fireplaces or gas stove on the other hand are more convenient, their venting system can be easily installed in most places of the home. You can turn the flame on and off with just a push of a button on the remote control. The gas flame can also be adjusted by using the thermostat controls which allows you to regulate the temperature of the room to your liking.

Installation of a gas fireplace must be done by the professionals in order to make sure the gas system can be safely used in your home. Gas lines and pipes must be checked regularly to ensure no leakage.

Last but not least, there is the electric stove or electric fireplace that has become the next generation of fireplaces. Electric powered fireplaces are highly demanded because they are able to operate at full efficiency and without the need of any ventilation system. They can be installed at virtually any place. Just plug into the electric socket and you are ready to go. Its sophisticated and contemporary design can definitely bring the look of your home to the next level.