Floors and Pavements

The main reason that we have our ground paved is to prevent it from erosion. Therefore we can always see highways, streets, tarmacs and parking lots covered with either asphalt or concrete pavement to ensure that drivers and pedestrians have a durable and solid surface to drive and walk on.

The garden, parking space and walkway in our home should also be paved in order to protect the ground surface from being damage. Besides, a beautifully designed pavement and walkway creates a classy look to your house and it shows off your personality and character.

Although a paving is good for your home, in order to produce a desirable design, a careful layout should be planned ahead so that you are not going to waste more money fixing all the possible errors in the future. To make a good decision, you have to know what kind of patterns or options that is available for your home and the color that you prefer to see. Below are some of the commonly seen patterns of pavement used in residential area.

Stretcher Bond
Links of bricks or stones are laid lengthwise side by side with vertical joints of other stretcher bonds fall in the middle of those courses next to it. Many times used on walkways, this popular paving pattern is easy to install and can be arranged to accommodate a wider area. Stretcher bond is a pattern that can match well with both new and old housing areas.

Basket Weave
Usually form of two by two bricks repeatedly laid where two bricks are placed horizontally and then the other two vertically. However, basket weaves will only look better when they are placed on older houses' patios. Try to mix contrast bricks of light and dark colors to avoid the pavement from looking too boring.

Two bricks are put together to create an L-shape with one edge longer than the other. Herringbone can be laid in two patterns. One is positioned at 90 degree right angle just like the letter L and the other, a more eye catchy laying style which is tilt to a 45 degree angle similar to a V-shape joining. Both pattern designs are nice to be installed on the driveway as it can produce a welcoming feel.

There are many more paving patterns available that should to be taken into your consideration. Depending on the type and scale of your pavement project, you need to choose a service or paving Toronto company that works for you. Also, remember that large companies usually do not take up small projects because to them the returns may not seem profitable. A nicely paved outdoor will absolutely look better along with your patio furniture and become a better place to relax and hangout in.