Tips for Looking At Garden Furniture for Sale

Adding garden furniture to your garden or patio is an instant way to add a practical and functional space to your home. However, before you rush out and purchase your furniture it is important to do a little research. The reason is that you will be able to assess what furniture is right for you and your garden, as well as being able to find cheap garden furniture for sale. It is important to consider the following steps when you’re looking at furniture.

Firstly, it is important to consider whether or not you want your furniture to be stackable, foldaway or a permanent feature on your garden or patio. This will have an impact on why style of furniture would be best. For example, you might want to consider a light aluminium frame if you are looking at folding your furniture and storing it over winter. If you are looking for a more permanent structure in your garden then you need to look at a heavy duty furniture set, preferable made from hardwood or if you prefer metal then one that is protected against rust. It is worth noting that all-weather furniture can be more costly due to the more durable materials it is made from, but will be more cost effective in the long run.

You need to consider the aesthetics of your garden and what materials will complement your garden when it comes to choosing the design construction of the garden furniture. Wood is the most popular choice as not only does the style suit more gardens but it is lightweight and comfortable. Teak is the most widely available choice of timber furniture due to its hardwearing characteristics and is a great choice if you are considering all year round furniture. If you are looking at Teak garden furniture then it is important to check the joints used to craft the furniture as these could be liable to rusting. To prevent this then ensure the fittings are brass, stainless steel or aluminium. Make sure the construction is of good quality as any knots, cracks or other defects could seriously reduce the lifespan of the furniture. If it has been assembled with an epoxy based glue then this will have the best durability and performance of all styles of joins as this glue is not effected by weathering such as frost or rain.

The only negative with purchasing timber based garden furniture is that it will require a small amount of maintenance. This might be staining to the wood if you do not want it to lose its colour or to protect it in the colder seasons. If the wood becomes dirty it can simply be cleaned but warm soapy water and a brush. Over the years Teak furniture will lose its golden colour to a beautiful and charming silvery grey antique style, which will add to the aesthetics of your garden. Any stains or grease on the furniture can be washed down with a detergent and rinsed off with water.

Other choices when looking at garden furniture for sale is constructed from some form of metal. Iron garden furniture is beautiful when it has been handcrafted and will also add something unique in your garden. The disadvantages are that this can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time and must be treated more regularly as the iron can often rust. Another choice is aluminium, which as mentioned above is lightweight and is perfect if you are looking to store your furniture away. Aluminium is also protected against rust so if it is left out in the rain then it will not harm it. This is by far the cheapest style of furniture, above plastic, but is perfect at changing your gardening into a perfect space for entertaining or unwinding.

These are just a few points when considering garden furniture but it is important to look around to see what is available and if you can visit the supplier or D.I.Y store where it is sold then you can effectively try before you buy and get an idea of size.