Common Types of Headboards

Bed headboards in the market today consist of many different variations and the type you choose pretty much depends on the size of your bed and your budget. On top of these factors, the material of the headboard is the utmost important aspect that should be taken into account.

Let's take a look at some of the common compositions of bed headboards:

Wood bed headboard is one of the most popular choices around because of its luxurious and classic looking design. Some unique wooden headboard designs that you may find are rustic looking wooden headboards that somewhat appear like they were formed by pieces of chopped logs, and ornately carved wooden headboards.

The high price range of wood bed headboards is perhaps one of its downsides but considering its quality and durability, the price is well worth it. Another downside of these is that they tend to be heavier than most kinds of headboards, so it might be slightly difficult to move or install them.

Secondly, there are metal headboards which are very commonly found in most modern bedrooms because of their diverse variety, flexible price range and sophisticated design. This means that you can very easily find a fitting metal headboard in the market that is suitable for your bed. The most typically seen metal headboards are perhaps the ones with curved designs.

The third and last type of headboard covered in this article today is particle board. Particle boards are less costly, less heavy, eco-friendly and they come in many different sizes, a great choice for just about anyone, although not as durable as regular solid wood.

If you are looking for more comfort and elegance, you can choose to have your headboard upholstered with fabrics or leather. An upholstered headboard is much softer and comfortable to lean back against, suitable for those who like to read or watch TV in bed. You can find all sorts of cheap headboards in your local online furniture retail store such as plus a huge selection of modern and luxurious beds, and bedding accessories.