How to Decorate a Child's Bedroom

There are many ways to decorate your child's bedroom in order to make it into a place where your child wants to spend time. Such ideas include taking inspiration from your child's favourite show, or maybe one of their hobbies. Stencils, wallpaper, posters and bed covers in the theme of a certain kid's show or cartoon character are great ways to jazz up a child's room. When it comes to the stencils you can make applying them to the walls a fun activity for the kids by getting them to join in. Just make sure you lay protection down on the floors prior to painting and use masking tape to protect the parts of the walls you don't want to decorate!

Bedroom furniture is a must in any bedroom, although children's bedroom furniture differs slightly - not only in size, but also in style.

Bed suppliers now stock themed beds in the shape of cars and princess-style beds complete with novelty finishes. So whether you have a tractor mad little boy or your very own little princess, finding a bed to suit any one of the little ones' styles is now easier than ever!

Cabin beds are a great option for kids that have just outgrown the novelty bed stage, and provide a perfect all-in-one furniture solution for your children's room. Not only is it a bed, it also features a set of drawers, a desk, a chair and a wardrobe underneath the bed section. This is a great space saving option for a smaller room, and also a clever way to keep your little ones' toys a slightly more organized.

Junior beds are another option for those that have just outgrown their cot but are not quite ready for a full sized bed. The high sides protect your child from falling out and the larger size of the bed caters for kids that are constantly growing!

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