Increase Your Living Space Without Moving

Moving home is a substantial expense on any family's income. There are many hidden costs that need to be assessed and resolved before you can even consider looking for a new home. If the reason you're deciding to move home is because you are short of a room or two, you could always think about adding a log cabin home to your garden space, which will probably cost you a lot less than the expense of moving home.

If you move home as one of Britain's traditional homeowners, you're probably going to need a mortgage on your new property, even if you're moving to a property of the same value when you need more space. You're going to have to pay a mortgage valuation fee on the new property and a mortgage fee to the mortgage company just for them offering you the money.

You'll have to pay solicitors fees which will include all types of environmental searches to check that you can purchase the new property and it is safe to do so.

When you do decide to move home, there will be removal fees to transport the contents of your home from your old property to your new one.

Whenever you move into a new property there are a number of other expenses, often hidden, that you have to have money available for, which might include adding an electric socket or painting a room.

Why not add wooden cabins into your garden?

Creating a new garden room will give you the space you need that was so lacking in your current property. You might simply be adding space so the occasional guest can sleep in your timber log homes, but you might be moving your gym equipment from your property to a specific log cabin home.

Some people operate a self-employed business from their home. If you are a writer you may not take up too much space, but if you've decided to become a jewellery maker, you have properly already run out of space for manufacturing your products. If you moved your business operation out into a log cabin home you might be freeing up one or two rooms in your house.

What about an extension or conservatory?

You could always increase your living space by adding an extension to your property or conservatory. The cost of these will be much more than adding wooden cabins into your garden.

The advantage of adding a log cabin home into your private grounds is that the room can be transformed quite easily for your use and if you do finally move home, it will prove to be extremely valuable to your property and is a wow factor to help sell your property, which has been quite difficult during the recession years and may not improve much in the near future.

An outside log cabin home can be transformed with the addition of a few basic accessories. Through solar panels or extending your electricity supply from your house, you can add heating and lighting to your wooden cabins which gives you a range of further opportunities in the ways you can use your log cabin home. It gives you the opportunity to use your new room during the colder winter periods which means you can use your log cabin home throughout the whole year, running your business or providing guest room at any time of the year, leaving you more space inside your home.