Plug in a Candle Today

During the mild summer weather, windows have been thrown open at every opportunity. Kitchen and patio doors fully opened while pottering in the garden. All manner of different fragrances, the sweet smell of newly mown grass or the fresh, clean smell one only gets after a summer shower. All make the house smell fresh and inviting to residents and guests alike.

Summer though, is moving on. Windows and doors open less, and for shorter periods. More wet days than dry days; smells of damp dog, fishy cat food or damp raincoats hanging behind the door, begin to take over the house again. Now is the time for some serious fragrance planning.

Scented candles have long been the favourite for giving one’s room a welcoming smell. Whether it’s fresh lemon or gentle lavender; the smell of fresh laundry, or cut roses; or maybe cinnamon or vanilla if one is creating that romantic evening atmosphere.

Time waits for no-one, babies come along and toddlers or young children spend their time running about the house. Candles have to be relegated to those occasional romantic dinners after the kids have been safely tucked up in bed.

Stand alone air-fresheners sitting atop the freezer, loo windowsill or window pelmets. Devoid of scent after a few days, and only noticeable even when full, if closer than six feet, really don’t do it.

Cue the plug in room fragrance, scent dispensers which plug directly into a mains electrical socket, providing the required fragrance for weeks on end. These small, unobtrusive units can be plugged into any mains socket and provide a pleasant glow while emitting a fragrance of choice. A visit to will provide information on their extensive range, fragrances and refills.

Plug in candles can be adjusted to provide the amount of fragrance you want, when you want it. With these units fitted in different rooms, one’s favourite scent can permeate throughout the house. Check out the great range of scents available.

Don’t leave out the romantic you. With the kids tucked up in bed and a couple of plug in candles strategically placed, an almost forgotten ambience will begin to immerge. Fit candles into visible sockets and add a genuine candle centre piece on the table. With the lighting down low, those romantic candlelit dinners of long ago, can become romantic dinners of the present.