Replacing & Maintaining Windows

Many household maintenance and restoration works have become a part of our daily routine. A simple task such as maintaining the windows and replacing them in your own home is one of the common practices that you should learn to do on your own.

Learning to maintain your possessions and furniture simply means that you can save on labor fees while only paying for the required materials. Some may consider repairing their windows a critical work since most of the window panes are made of glass. Hence, knowing the proper way to handle them in advance will make your job much easier and safer.

Although you have the passion to fix your broken windows, there are just too many types of window and that all takes time as well as effort to learn how to deal with them. Several of them need more than one person to replace and some other windows are better to be left to the experts. We can also see many homeowners artistically decorating their windows instead of treating them in minor cases such as small cracks or scratches on their panes. If you happened to have a broken window and wanted to replace it on your own, here are some tips for you.

The very first step to change a new window pane is to remove the old broken pane first. You should do this very carefully if the glass pane has cracked into pieces. Ensure that you are wearing a pair of gloves, long sleeve shirt and goggle for protection while doing so. Also prepare a hammer, a flat head screwdriver, vacuum cleaner, pliers, newspapers and a box or a container.

To begin, pick up broken pieces of glass and put them into the box. If the glass is stuck on the frame, cover it with a sheet of newspaper and grab it with your pliers. Gently but firmly hold onto it and wiggle the glass until it come loose. For tiny glasses that are caught in between the frame, use a screwdriver to pry out the unreachable glass bits. Whenever a glass is too big to fit in the box, wrap it up with newspaper and tap to break the glass into smaller pieces. The last thing you should do after collecting all the glasses is to vacuum along the inside of the window frame and around the floor. If the window you are replacing is still in one piece, you can unlock the frame and remove it delicately.

Before installing the new glass into the frame, you need to take some time to scrap off the putty or sealant that is used to hold the broken window. Some putty may be harder to come off but you can soften them with the aid of a hair dryer or better, a propane torch. Clean the surface and apply new sealant evenly on each side then lay the glass correctly in place. Now, lock back the frame properly to hold the glass securely. Wait till the sealant dries up so that you can use a thin and flat chisel to remove the excess sealant. Put a rag on the new pane during the chiseling process, which would help to avoid scratching the surface again.

To get your window repair job done successfully, it is important to plan well beforehand, give in time and focus when working in order to produce a desire outcome. Window replacement may be hard to do for some people but the result will certainly be satisfying once you see the new shiny window in place.