The Importance of Roller Blinds in the Nursery

It can be easy to over look some of the practical aspects when creating your baby's nursery. Choosing colour schemes and curtains designed to stimulate your babies creativity might be among the more fun tasks in nursery designing. It's important however not to over look the lighting of a nursery and making sure you get the right kind of light. Your baby (with a little luck) is going to be taking regular day time naps. As your baby develops sleeping whilst it is light outside is going to become increasingly difficult. The body after all is designed to sleep only at night. You can help your baby get good quality rest by keeping out as much day light as possible at nap time.

A great way to do this is with roller blinds, this kind of window dressing is great because it fits closely to the window ensuring few gaps for lights to stream in through. If you have trouble getting to put your baby to sleep during the day this could be the option to go with.

However the style conscious amongst you might not find a blind as appealing as some of the fun curtains you were looking at. Well never fear, there are plenty of ways to spruce up blinds and keep your baby’s room colourful. Firstly do some research into styles of blinds, they aren't actually all as boring as you might think. Specialist blind retailers will stock a wide range of coloured and patterned blinds that can add excitement to any nursery.

If you don't see any you like and are feeling a little creative, why not get some of the blinds that are made from a material you can paint on. Many varieties of blinds can be painted on with acrylic paints and as long as they are left to dry properly your designs should be fairly long lasting. Nothing could be more personalised for your baby than a blind you painted yourself.

If none of these options appeal, you could just do both curtains and blinds, most blinds are compact enough that they will fit under curtains depending on the design of your window. This way you can have the exciting children's curtains that fit the rest of your nursery's theme but you can also make the room dark enough at nap time.