How to Get the Best Night's Sleep on a Sofa Bed

Today's convertible sofas offer the same level of comfort as traditional beds. Forget the uncomfortable sofa bed sleeps of years past. Today's quality comfort sleepers truly earn their name, with more comfortable mattresses, sturdier frames, and better support for a good night's rest. If you want to get the best quality sleep from your sofa bed, it is important to choose the right sleepers over for you. To do that, consider:

1) Size. Determine how much space you have and what size sleeper sofa you need. Today, you can choose anything from a chair sleeper(which folds out to a cot-sized bed), to a loveseat sleeper, to a queen sofa bed. You can even choose a large sectional sleeper sofa. Consider your needs as well as the space available before you make a choice. If you have the room, however, a larger sofa bed is generally better, as it gives you more room for a comfortable rest and allows you to make room for couples who stay over. However, even a sleeper sofas for small space makes sense, as it allows for a more comfortable sleep than a blow up mattress or fold-out cot.

2) Quality. A quality comfort sleeper always means a better night's sleep. Whether you are buying a leather sleeper sofa, a love seat sofa bed, or something else entirely, look for quality construction. This means a sturdy wooden frame, no loose moving parts, and a sofa bed that folds out easily. You can view many types of sofa beds online at Sleepers In Seattle to get a sense of the quality comfort sleepers available in every price range.

3) Style. While sleeping on a beautiful sofa bed does not necessarily mean a more comfortable sleep, since your comfort sleeper is an investment, you may as well find one that matches your decor and your sense of style. Sleepers In Seattle has more than 700 fabrics and leathers for you to choose from, so that you can select just the comfort sleeper you have always wanted. Since a sofa bed will be used as a sofa for most of the time, you will need to find a comfort sleeper that matches your room decor in terms of shape, size, color, and fabric.

4) Mattress. One of the most important purchases to go with your comfort sleeper is a comfortable mattress. Quality sofa beds come with sturdy, supportive mattresses that offer you a restful night's sleep. Be sure to check out different sofa sleeper mattresses to find one that suits your specific needs. Sleepers In Seattle has eight different sofa bed mattresses to choose from, so you can be sure to find one that feels right for you.