Sliding Door Lock

The intention of having sliding doors in our home is that we can have a beautiful view to the outside of our house and making the interior look nicer. Of course, the sliding glass door has to be easy to open and close as well. Unfortunately, these doors are not exactly safe and secure compared to other types of door available but chances for burglar to break in through the glass are very slim either because that will make a lot of noises. So the focus is to make sure that our investment is in sliding door locks that are modern, secure and sturdy, that is the least we can do to ensure the safety and stylish look of our home.

Many homeowners that have experience using sliding doors can tell that a lot of these fixtures, particularly the locks are sometimes defective and may occasionally jam or worst, they do not lock at all. Most of the time, these homeowners would just leave the faulty locks there as they were because they think it would be a waste of time and money to repair them and would rather replace the door furniture with new ones in the future. To be honest, they might be right since self repairing is not everyone and not to mention the lock mechanism involved is also somewhat complicated.

Some simple door locks however are possible to be fixed or changed solely by yourself as long as you get to understand the basic procedures. Nonetheless, you will need to know what types of locks are available and each of their purpose or function so that you can make a proper decision. Generally, sliding glass door locks are available in two categories, stated as below:

1) Surface Mount Locks
These are designed to be installed directly onto the door frame using screws or bolts. Like any other door locks, they come along with a lock hasp which is attached into the door jamb and is turned to lock the door.

2) Steel Mortise Locks
Different from the above category, mortise locks provide a better locking system. This is definitely the safer option to choose for your sliding door.

Though no matter how well your sliding door lock is, it can be worn out with age and that is when a repair might be required. If this is the case for you, it is still a job best left for the expert and changing the door lock is not that expensive as you may think. Plus, local locksmiths and locksmith Toronto can be found at your nearest convenience so you should not have left your faulty locks unrepaired. To protect all your furniture and other possessions from being stolen, do not hesitate to replace your dysfunctional door furniture.