Small Bedroom Ideas

Decorating small bedrooms is never easy since the spaces available are very limited, especially on the floor where most places are taken up by large furniture. Fortunately, if you can possibly follow some of the guidelines given below, you might just be able to save some floor space or better yet make your room look much bigger and unconfined.

Basics of Maximizing a Room Space
1) Do not paint small rooms with colorful tones because it will only result in making the room look even smaller. Instead, use neutral tone colors with no more than two or three hues in the room.
2) The same color you used on the walls should also be painted on the moldings and doors to avoid creating a contrast which will visually limiting the place.
3) Stick with white when painting the ceiling, unless the room has a very high ceiling. White ceiling gives a sense of height thus makes a small bedroom feel bigger.
4) Bedrooms with windows have an added advantage. Light fabric curtains can be installed on the windows to allow more natural light to enter the room, making it brighter and roomier.
5) With or without window, small bedroom should always be very well illuminated. Darker room will only make it look cramped.

Other than being a good place to sleep and rest, a bedroom is also where many people keep their personal belongings. This also includes their own clothing, therefore storage and furniture arrangement is crucial in the room as well.

Furniture Placement Ideas
1) Wall mounted shelves are highly recommended for people who are looking to save some floor space. Though many people are used to placing or organizing their books, photo frames, alarm clocks and other stuffs on a night stand or dresser, it can be done similarly on these wall shelves too.
2) People who require in-room entertainments such as a TV may need an alternative solution because a TV stand seems inappropriate to be placed in a confined room. The TV can be mounted on a wall bracket instead.
3) Since the bedroom is small, a narrow chest or drawer is usually more recommended than typical type of storage furniture like a closet or cabinet that could be too big for the room.
4) If you look further into the bedroom furniture collection, there is also a type of storage compartment that does not take up extra floor space, which is the under bed storage. This space saving storage is usually bought together with the bed but if you already have a bed, the compartment can still be made and installed under it. There is only one thing you have to look for and that is to make sure that the storage is accessible or can be pulled out without any difficulty whenever it is placed in your room.