Space Saving Solutions for the Home

Space is always at a premium in today's homes and buying the right piece of furniture will add to the decor of your home and also provide that much needed storage space. We all wish we had a nice airy home with open, flowing rooms; however the reality is often a little different.

Clever pieces of bedroom furniture such as dual-purpose bedside cabinets and storage beds can offer a place for stowing away clutter. If your bed has space beneath, take advantage of smart boxes or drawers on wheels to keep items out of sight but still accessible when you need them. Identify the different boxes with a dymo label writer 400 turbo to denote what goes where. Ottomans and blanket boxes are ideal for extra bedding or for storing blow-up beds for when you have guests staying. Try and choose wardrobes with drawers, either displayed or internal, these will always be useful, especially in children's bedrooms, as they can also be used to store games and other toys.

There are also some great pieces for the living room and dining area, these areas can be the most difficult places for finding extra storage. However there is many smart solutions out there, from pouffes with storage, great for hiding throws and blankets, even as a magazine hideaway. There is also the coffee table, sometimes a space invader, but if you choose one with drawers and cubby holes, clutter can be hidden away, making a much more useful piece of furniture than a mug rest.

The dining room can be trickier; however with new designs of dining tables hitting the shops with space saving in mind, there is a solution. A round design is easier to fit in a room than square or rectangular one and if you ensure all the seat push underneath, then it will free up more space in this area.

As mentioned before, children's bedrooms need a lot of storage for all the clutter they accumulate, over bed storage is a great way to free up the floor but ensure books, comics, and knick-knacks are easily tidied away. A desk will fit in with most bedroom sets and will also act as a storage area, with drawers and cupboards being perfect to keeping everything shipshape.

No matter the size of the home, there are always space saving solutions for every room, just a little bit of forethought and your home could be clutter free, stylish and a sense of being bigger without the need to move.