Venetians and Their Place in History When It Comes to Wall Mirrors

When looking through history at the marvellous creations throughout the ages, the Romans built the roads. The Norwegians invaded everyone, Briton had the kings and queens. The creation of new technology from around the world and many more inventions, the one place you would not think to look for pioneers is the Venetians. If you didn’t know who the Venetians are they are the citizens of Venice, whilst they have be associated in many years for things such as the Gondola and the phantom of the opera style masks, there is one thing they have been know for throughout history – glass blowing.

What is glass blowing?

Before the days manufacturing there was a manual method of creating decorative mirrors, by using their own expert glass blowing techniques, founded in Murano – the techniques were a great secret kept by the workers and having their life threatened if they dared speak a single word about the great trade.

Venetian Mirrors and how they have evolved

Whilst Venetian mirrors can be found all over the internet, you can be sure of one thing, the journey through history has not been so simple. An early Venetian wall mirror would take up to a week to make, the price of one mirror would be so extortionate that only someone in royalty would be able to afford one. Often they were so heavy that several men would have to be involved with the carrying of one into the chambers of a king.

Whilst you can buy Venetian wall mirrors from the nice city of Venice the likelihood is that you won’t be able to carry it back on the plane with you without a small risk of damage, that’s where we can easily suggest a place in the UK where you can get stylish Venetian wall mirrors at not only a great price but with fully ensured delivery, ensuring you don’t have to go all the way to Venice for this great piece of Italian history.

Choosing the right style of mirror for your home

Whilst you might not be a king or queen yourself you will often find that choosing the right mirror is all about the type of room you have. A Venetian mirror goes best inside of a home which has a retro feel, with antiques and ornaments that suit the vintage style, make sure you don’t choose an ultimate modern room or it will look out of place. The Venetian mirror best suits the top of an old school dressing table or fireplace.