Vertical Blinds for the Office

It’s rare these days to come enter an office where the focus is not on a computer screen, the modern office is a high tech one which will all know is great for improving the quality and efficiency of our work. However when the sun shines in and we can’t see anything on our screen due to excessive glare we sometimes feel ready to forgive good old fashioned pen and paper and get rid of our modern VDUs.

So how do we get the best of both world’s ell this being a interior design blog not a high technology blog I’m sure you’ve already guessed the answer is not some super expensive new design of sophisticated monitor, -no the answer is far more simple, vertical blinds.

So why vertical blinds, well this particular style of blind have become an office standard which connotes a completely professional environment helping make your office look the part. This is great for associating this space with work helping you be more productive, but is also essential for presenting the right image when you have prospective clients coming to visit.

Vertical blinds also do not completely eliminate light so you are able to prevent glare but still keep the natural light in a room that helps make it feel like a great environment to work in.

The dominance of vertical blinds in the office has given birth to an enormous market for them which means you can get them to fit almost any decor, from faux wood through to vinyl and any number of fabric varieties. No matter what look your going for in your office you will be able to find the vertical blinds to match, you can even have them made to measure for larger windows.

The benefits of the blinds are of course not just aesthetic, removing glare has many health benefits for you and your staff as it can prevent eye strain and also help you to avoid having to positing you self uncomfortably which can lead to repetitive strain injury. It is of course important also to position you screens and computers outside of direct sun light where possible so that you don’t have to shutout more natural light than you have to.