Why Choose Solid Wood Flooring?

Current interior design trends see the continuing use of solid wood floor in homes of all styles. This is due not only to the aesthetically pleasing appeal of natural wooden flooring but also for a number of fundamental factors which are on the minds of anyone renovating or redecorating their home. The more poignant points include:

* Probably the most influential factor is the natural warmth and beauty wooden floors offer. Due to the natural materials, wooden floors offer a warm and homely feeling to any room within a home.

* The fact that wood is an environmentally friendly material is also high on people's agendas when they contemplating which type and style of flooring to have. Wood is also hypo-allergenic making the ideal material to use for anyone suffering from allergies, asthma and other skin or respiratory medical conditions. The days of pest infestations may at last be seeing a decline as a wood floor doesn't harbour as many dust mites, human or animal fleas, especially if they are fitted and installed correctly, as a fitted carpet. These pests love fitted carpets where they can nestle down into the pile of the carpet to live and breed off shredded human skin and crumbs!

* The durability of natural wood is hard to beat with synthetic and man-made materials. Wood id naturally hard wearing and like the trees the solid wood flooring is made from with care can last for many decades.

* Maintenance of wooden floors can be carried out by the owners, there's no need to call in expert carpet cleaners when an accidental spillage occurs. Wood floors are easy to re-varnish or refinish to remove any minor scratches, spills or stains by the owner.

* The variety of wooden flooring available means that any room can have a wooden floor to suit the d├ęcor and colour scheme.

* Added value is what consumers expect these days and UK flooring direct provides consumers with a natural, durable floor covering which will last for many, many years. The versatility and cost effectiveness can also be used as a selling point to potential home buyers, simply because they won't have to have the added expense of replacing carpets which are either the wrong colour, thread bare or stained when they take possession of the dwelling. These last few points alone make solid wood flooring a great investment in any home.