Why Choose Wooden Blinds?

Homeowners redecorating one room or a whole house turn to wooden blinds for a variety of reasons, but the primary one is the beautiful, upgraded look that professionally made wood blinds bring to every kind of home. It is hard to imagine a type of window covering that provides a more upscale, finished look than wooden blinds. While curtains can be beautiful and plastic blinds can adequately keep light and intruding eyes out of a home, wooden blinds immediately convey the idea that a home is something special.

Blinds can be made of a variety of materials, including vinyl, aluminium and even faux wood. The richest, most subtle textures and colour choices are available only in wood, however. Wood blinds are available in a variety of paint colours, including the most elegant and sophisticated of all, white.

The true uniqueness of real wood blinds shows through when they are stained instead of painted, however. Available in a variety of stain choices to match the furniture in any room, stained blinds can help a home’s featured pieces come together into a cohesive design.

While it may be tempting to choose faux wood blinds because they are slightly less expensive, the rich and luxurious stain finishes are not available for faux wood because there is no real grain to show through. Since blinds can last through many seasons, saving only a few pounds now could mean living with less than the best for many, many years.

Wood blinds also have some upgraded options that aren’t available with other types of Roman blinds. Since blinds are pulled up on thin cords, holes are usually drilled or punched through the slats to accommodate the string. On blinds made from wood, hidden-cord options are available, and choices are available that cover the holes so no one can see in. Even better, wood blinds are often thicker and heavier than plastic blinds, so they will not sag or droop. Light will not shine through the slats either.

Properly fitted and accessorized wood blinds can block as much light as heavy curtains while giving a room a more finished, professional look. Custom valances and other accessories are also available to dress up the installation, and help to hide the nuts and bolts.

Heavy wood blinds are less susceptible to damage from pets and small children than curtains and are unlikely to be pulled down by climbing cats or curious children.

A rarely considered additional feature of wood blinds is how easy they are to clean. Unlike plastic slats that are hard to wash and too flimsy to vacuum, wooden slats can easily withstand either cleaning method.

For these reasons and many others, homeowners turn to these blinds instead of plastic, aluminium or faux wood blinds when they are ready to change the window treatments in their homes.