Wood Flooring Buying Mistakes

Wood flooring are not cheap. When you figure in the cost of material, fitting and flooring accessories even the smallest area could end up costing you a fair bit. It is therefore essential to avoid common mistakes when buying the solid wood flooring in order to refrain from additional costs and disappointment.

Not buying enough

When ordering wood flooring you should always measure the area well to ensure that you calculate enough floorboards to cover the room. It is handy to get a helping hand and to double-check the results with another person. When you have the final figure, you are recommended to add another 8% to allow for waste. Waste will help deal with any faulty boards as well as boards that you had to cut and break to fit around fixings in the floor.

Not saving some for later

You may be surprised to learn, but your floorboards will change colour as the years go by due to contact with the air and natural processes that wood undergoes. In case you ever need to replace floorboards due to damage or even a satin, you will struggle to find the same shade again. Keeping a few boards aside may prove a lifesaver later on, well certainly a time saver.

Forgetting about the finish

Flooring buyers often place huge emphasis to the species of wood and type, but forgetting about the finish. The finish is the top transparent layer that plays two important parts in your buying decisions. On one hand it is responsible for a desired look such as matt or glossy finish, but on the other hand a more important job of protecting the wood from foot traffic. When choosing the finish it pays to take into account the look but also the practical job that you require it to do. Such practical reasons include UV protection from sunlight, lacquered protection from water and other practical finishes.